Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Wrestling Room Battle: Men vs Women - Match 2

Match 2: Natalya Koblova (Russia) VS Serhat Akgul (Turkey)

The men's team was now behind after the stunning defeat of Korean wrestler Lee Jun-sik at the hands of Mihaela Boneva of Bulgaria.
The next match pitted Russian female powerhouse Natalya Koblova against men’s champion Serhat Akgul from Turkey. Koblova was 84kg of pure muscle and was used to wrestling men.
Her training partners in Russia were exclusively male and had to be rotated out frequently because it was so damaging to their egos to be beaten by a woman wrestler day in and day out.
 But Akgul was a stud. He had been defeated only twice in international competition and he considered a female opponent an insult. He was not going to take it easy on her. Instead he was going to teach her a lesson: wrestling is a man’s sport and women have no place on the mat.


The referee called the two wrestlers to the center of the mat and they sized each other up. Koblova was in blue with her light brown hair tied back in a short pony tail. She was oddly feminine despite her physique. Her skin was soft and fair.
Akgul on the other hand looked every but the Turkish wrestler. His ears were cauliflowered. Mangled from his many years of wrestling. His face was chiseled with a thick black mustache. The straps of his red singlet clung to his hairy chest.
They glared at each other for a few seconds. Then the whistle blew and they collided like two freight trains.
They locked up briefly but in no time Koblova was trying to get a single leg takedown. Akgul seemed taken aback by her speed and strength and suddenly found his ankle caught in her grasp. He twisted is body around and fell forwards trying desperately to escape her grasp. He scrambled for the edge of the mat as she pounced on his back, wrapped her arms around his waist and turned him over. As the two went out of bounds, Koblova released her grasp and sent the male wrestler tumbling off the mat. 
The women’s side cheered as Koblova sprung to her feet, confidently striding to the center of the mat, ready to rumble some more.
Akgul was pissed. He wasn’t going to let that happen again. The men were shouting at him to get aggressive. That’s exactly what he intended to do.
The two locked up again, but this time Akgul gained control, wrapping his big hairy arms around Koblova’s waist he hoisted her up off the mat. He slung her over his shoulder and held her there for a few moments, savoring his absolute control. He flashed a grin to his male teammates and turned to the women and let out a grunt. Finally he tossed Koblova down to the mat and leapt on top of her, trying to turn her. Akgul wrapped his right leg around his female opponent’s left thigh and started applying pressure. Then he dug his hand underneath her chin, trying to get her onto her back.
Koblova was in pain. As she writhed and groaned, the Turk smiled broadly, brought his free arm up and flexed his bicep.
The male side erupted in laughter. “Rip her head off!” “Show the bitch who’s boss!” they yelled.
But that only made Koblova more determined. She squirmed her way onto her belly and fought Akgul to a stalemate. The ref blew the whistle and brought them to their feet and both the men’s and women’s team applauded.
The two locked up again and it was obvious that Akgul was getting impatient. He was embarrassed that a woman had lasted this long against him and needed to pin her and get it over with.
The Russian had other ideas. She knew Akgul was impatient and she intended to use that against him. She gave him an opening for a takedown and he took it, but Koblova had it all planned and just as he sprung for her leg, she swung around and got on top of him, taking him down to the mat. Then she dug her arms underneath his.
Akgul grimaced as his chin sunk into the mat. Before he knew what was happening to him, Koblova jumped to his side and just walked around, forcing Akgul to his back.
The women’s side started screaming. They wanted more than anything to see Koblova beat the cocky Turk.
Akgul tried to bridge. His whole body was arced. His face contorted. The men’s team was panicking, shouting at Akgul to keep fighting.
All the women were staring intently, seeming to savor every moment of pain and humiliation that the male wrestler was suffering. Every muscle was tense. His face beat red.
Determined to finish him off, Koblova swung her leg across Akgul’s head. Squeezing him between her strong thighs.
Akgul let out a loud groan. He knew he couldn’t last much longer. He strained to escape. His dick bulged from his singlet and he was totally immobilized by the female wrestler. Then he felt his shoulders touch the mat.
The referee slapped the mat and blew the whistle.
It was over.
Akgul collapsed on the mat. Koblova, still smarting from his earlier grandstanding decided to rub his face in his defeat. Rather than getting up immediately, she sat on Akgul’s chest for a few moments, raised her arms and flexed her muscles. The women’s team chanted her name. A
kgul covered his face with his hands. He was in shock. He never expected something like this to happen.
He slowly got up and tried to just walk off the mat, but the referee grabbed him and led him to the center of the mat for the final humiliation as he raised Koblova’s arm in victory.

Women’s team: 2
Men’s Team: 0